We Could Have Really Had It All

from Ten of the Best (Greatest Hits) by James Delsono



Looking down, with passing glances,
At untaken second chances,
Looking round with older eyes
At the times we said goodbyes

Marching on to lesser days
And with nothing to replace
Times gone by with gentle kisses
Warmest hugs and newborn wishes

Travelling the fields of life
With no way to fight the cries
Of our twofold broken heart
That has e'er kept us apart

Proudest egos, rigid rules
Playing us for stupid fools;
And as we wait at life's own door
Scared to knock, afraid to go ...

Silly minds and hardened spirits
Break us both, too blind to see it,
Old mistakes and foolish pride
Making both just lose our mind ...

And as we wait at closed doors,
Looking straight, with frozen souls,
We know now, though we're no more,
We could have really had it all.


Kindest thoughts when we first met,
Thought we'd paid our karma debt;
When our eyes looked straight ahead
Into our souls, our love confessed

With some joy and with some tears,
Those were then our happy years;
What we had could never break,
Our love no-one could take.

We were soft, we were sincere,
We believed, we had no fear;
All we had could never have stood
Life's heartless ways, it's understood.

And now, with proud and rigid rules
That play us for useless fools,
We remain at life's own door,
Too scared to let our feelings soar ...

Silly minds and hardened spirits,
Break us both, we just don't see it;
Old mistakes and foolish pride
Just fade away into the night ...

And as we leave, both standing tall,
Broken hearts, closed like a wall,
We know, in our wounded soul,
We could still perhaps have it all ...

We look away ... we are no more.


from Ten of the Best (Greatest Hits), released July 19, 2021


all rights reserved



James Delsono London, UK

Creating beautiful music

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