To Write A Love Song

from Debut by James Delsono



You look at me so kindly and ask me to write a song.
And stand, away from me, as I sit there alone;
You say that, of all things, love songs are most sincere,
And flash your stunning smile as I control my tears.

They say to write a love song 'tis greatest thing of all
But how am I to share what eats inside my soul?
And how am I to write, not knowing what love is?
When to be loved by another is, to me, unknown bliss?

You know, there was someone I loved so long ago,
She never loved me back - although then I thought so.
But you, quite rightly so, won't wait for me too long...
Why wait for such a man that can't even write you a song?

It's YOU I want to hold, of that I'm very clear;
You are indeed the one that is to me most dear;
You bring the best of me that I thought was not there
Out for all to see... you're someone all too rare.

But I don't have the strength to love you any more;
I'll never be the man you need and was before;
And you, the kindest lady I've e'er had chance to meet,
I'm going to lose you, too... not sweep you off your feet.

And you are right, of course - you've given me the chance
So often, in my arms, to hug you and to dance;
But you, quite rightly so, WON'T walk that extra mile
And hug me, soft, yourself - and heal me with your smile.

You are already gone - you've walked out of the door
And walked out of my life, though smiling as before;
I know I am mistaken, I know I've done you wrong,
You need a real man, though - and here is my song.


from Debut, released July 1, 2020


all rights reserved



James Delsono London, UK

Creating beautiful music

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