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You know, there is a rainbow
Shining strong tonight
Across the dark skies
In the evening light.

It shines for the angels
Who of us take care;
Who, amidst the danger,
Care enough to dare.

It shines for the heroes
Who saved us again;
If we are alive
It is down to them.

It shines for all those
Who the pain endure;
It shines for all those
Fighting for a cure.

It shines in the dark
Of the bygone day,
Promising a better
Future, come what may.

For whenever we
Feel the pain's too strong
The heroes stand and
Whisper "carry on".


Yes, there is a rainbow
Shining through the night;
It's the light of those
Who help us win this fight.

So, though times be hard
And dreams seem so few,
The world will rise
To say: "thank you".

Because you have gifted
Our lives anew
This whole world will rise
To say to you: "thank you".


from Music in Times of Lockdown, track released April 14, 2020


all rights reserved