The Nightingale

from Between Earth and Heaven by James Delsono



He opens up and sings to them
A song of friends no more,
He's overwhelmed by memories
And stories of before.

His voice, it soars amid the tears,
The notes, they choke him so;
He sings as he's never done before
And never will, you know.

The audience cries, oh how they cry
At his heartbreaking tale;
He smiles as he takes his bow,
His heart truly unveiled.

And then, so proud at what he did
He wants to share it all:
And, so that others hear his pain,
He goes to a record store.


"The tape's not good enough" he's told,
"For your voice on it doth shake!
We cannot share this with the world,
We have a name to make.

How dare you show your soul on this!
You know it's not polite!
Come back when you sing, note by note,
A song that's somewhat trite".


He opens up and sings once more
A song that means so much
But not to others any more ...
Not e'en to friends, as such.

He sings for friendship and for those
He knew ago so long ...
As to the world, he's happy to
Let others sing their songs.


from Between Earth and Heaven, released March 1, 2021


all rights reserved



James Delsono London, UK

Creating beautiful music

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