Nothing But To Cry

by James Delsono

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People of the world
Who know nothing but strife
Human hearts, so cold,
Who spend this way their lives

We're calling on you
To listen to your soul
Make your peace anew
And make love your goal

Stop the fighting now
Stop the senseless hate
To each other bow
Before it's too late ...

Stop destroying Earth
Else you may just die ...
Listen to your heart ...
We can do nothing but to cry.


People of this Earth
Flying in empty space
People of much worth
Called the human race

Teach your kids to play
With much joy and laughter
Make for war the cry
That little bit softer ...

Play your music loud
And enjoy your dances
In your newly found
Peaceful romances ...

Let your children smile
Take away their fears
Let every child
Cry but happy tears ...


People we call friends
We thank you for listening,
For the time you've spent
Hearing and thinking

On our plea for peace
For agape love;
As a final wish,
This is all we have.

Hug each other now
Smiling through the tears
Happiness allow
Throughout your years ...

Have a happy time
Throughout your life ...
And please try to be kind
So that we no longer have to cry.


released February 23, 2020


all rights reserved