I know it's dark outside
But, baby, hold my hand;
For I am all alone
In this strange, foreign land.

I know that you are scared,
But, baby, so am I;
You know it is too soon
For what we have to die.

So stay here as I fight
This one more fight I have;
If anything will help
It is your sincere love.

And, as I breathe, stand by
To hold me - oh what bliss
It is to be in your arms
And feel your one more kiss.

And as the dawn arrives
And saved we are once more
I owe it all to you
And nothing's as before.

So stay here as I fight
This fight just one more time;
And then, once it's all done
Forever ... and ever ... you'll be mine.


from Music in Times of Lockdown, released July 15, 2020


all rights reserved