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Write About Love

Jun 082019

A few months ago, after completing my first album, Prayer, I remembered something a childhood friend had once told me: "Try to write love songs, for they are the most sincere thing to write".

Not to mention the most difficult, for me, perhaps. Writing about love means dealing with inner feelings, as opposed to intellectual ideas, etc. One has to have a raw sincerity about oneself which takes a certain amount of courage - and one may probably have to write from personal experience.

Have I achieved that lofty goal? That's not for me to say, of course. But ... here's my second album, Write About Love, anyway.

The Hellenic language is said to have no less than seven words for the word "love": agape, which means unconditional love; eros, which means physical love ... etc. Similarly, I have tried to describe many types of love in this album ... from the social justice type of love in We Are People, Too ... to the divine in The Servant, to the romantic in No More Evening Prayers, to the wordless kind of love in On Sunlit Shores and, finally, to the agape kind of love itself in The Greatest Is Love.


Hello world - I'm James Delsono. Welcome to my blog!

Jun 042019

Hello everyone! I am (or at least my stage name, for when I create my music, is) James Delsono. Welcome to my blog!

I intend to keep you updated, through this blog, about my music but not only - I hope to share with you other thoughts, too - some musical (such as other people's music that I like listening to) - some perhaps not. In any case, I hope it'll be interesting enough for you to keep coming back - so please bookmark this page and come back often!

I started creating music (after a long period of, to me, unsuccessful experiments) in August 2018, when I created my first song which I deemed to be good enough to share ... my Ave Maria. The video below is the one that I put together for it later.

Ave Maria has been seen by many to be a Christian, religious song. With a title like this, perhaps. But I feel it's more than that - it's a song about reflection into self and, although it asks the Holy Mother to intervene and help, it also talks about the need for actually being the change we want to see in the world.

If you enjoyed this video, please consider purchasing its soundtrack here, so that I may have enough financial support to be able to continue creating music.

Thank you for visiting my blog and reading my first post!