James Delsono is a songwriter since 2018, having been a musician since the early 1980s.

His haunting début single, Ave Maria, took listeners by storm on its release in August 2018 and he has never looked back since.

His Greatest Hits album, released in June 2020, includes stunning songs such as I Love You, Always, the confessional A Sign of Peace and the powerful We Could Have Really Had It All, amongst many others. James is equally comfortable in writing music on themes such as love, loss, joy, sadness and everyday life as he is writing songs with more of a sacred theme. "St. John wrote that God is Love ... so, if I can write love songs, why not write sacred songs, too?", James muses. "There is no difference, to my mind at least, between the two".

Following the success of his Greatest Hits album, James has released the song Where is Jesus? in August 2020. He hopes to have a new album ready as soon as inspiration will allow.

Watch this space!